Residents from all 27 precincts within District 7 told us what they like best about our city and what things they would like to see enhanced. From the comments we received, themes started to emerge. These themes have shaped Paula’s vision and commitment to the future and viability of District 7.

We envision a city that is:

Safe – with low violent crime rates, low rates of drug use and relatively low rates of deadly traffic accidents

Efficient – a fiscally sound city, providing high-quality, cost-effective services

Rich in character – honoring our historic character, producing excellence in design, and showcasing our spectacular waterfront location

Green – with a  healthy natural environment and sustainable design

Dynamic – thriving with abundant business and employment opportunities

Livable – with healthy, vibrant, walkable neighborhoods connected to an active downtown, with many transit options

Diverse – culturally rich, home to many diverse communities

Active – with many places for people to recreate and gather

Engaging – with strong schools, libraries and civic groups

We want a city where all can enjoy a great quality of life!  Paula will promote safer neighborhoods, improve infrastructure, encourage economic development, support smart growth, be vigilant in reducing traffic woes, advocate vigorously on behalf of each suburban city in District 7, and continue to listen to your concerns.  Count on Paula to represent District 7 with Vision, Integrity, and Purpose. District 7 residents deserve VIP representation!

Contact Paula: 502.295.9188 | E-mail: mccraney4district7@gmail.com | FB: @vote4paula

Paid for by the Paula McCraney for Metro Council Campaign | Billy McCraney, Treasurer